PA UT (PAUT): SRUT GW - PA Modality - Short Range Guided Wave Inspection with use of Linear Array Probes

Thanks to the very powerful PA Pulser Receiver electronics allowing the full aperture emitting and receiving of ultrasonic signals ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope instruments may be used for the Short Range Guided Wave (SRUT GW) inspection and corrosion screening in the plates, pipe walls under insulation, above pipe supports, and in the air-to-soil interface areas, steel poles in the riveted lap joints and in the the air-to-soil interface areas, and the like with use of the linear array probes

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The CB-Scan image representing the unfolded top view of the Region of Interest (ROI) may be obtained through the line scanning and data recording either time based or encoded with use of the MULTI A-SCAN inspection SW package featured with:
  • Ability of using the Linear Array, Dual Linear Array, Matrix Array and other PA probes
  • Intuitive Multi A-Scan Screen Composing out of the ISONIC PA Pulser Receiver files created in the corresponding inspection application
  • Strip Chart Recording and "On-the-fly" Imaging of:
    • Amplitude / TOF Graph Strips
    • B-Scan / CB-Scan Strips
  • DAC / TCG Data / B-Scan / CB-Scan Image Normalization
  • 100% Raw Data Capturing
  • Comprehensive Postrpocessing Toolkit Including:
    • Play back and evaluation of the A-Scans captured during the inspection
    • Converting strips from Amplitude / TOF Graph to B-Scan and vice versa
    • Off-Line Gain Manipulation (per strip)
    • Off-Line DAC Normalization of the B-Scan / CB-Scan strips / DAC Evaluation
    • Numerous Filtering / Reject Options ( by Gate / By Amplitude / dB-to-DAC / etc )
    • Defects Sizing
    • Creation of Defect List and Storing it Into a Separate File
    • Automatic creating of inspection reports - hard copy / PDF File
PA Modality instrumentation carried by the ISONIC 3510, ISONIC 2010, and ISONIC 2009 UPA Scope equipment allows dividing of the coverage area of the annular ring into several sectionc and optimizing of the short range guided wave generating and receiving for each of them independently. The CB-Scan map is composed then out of several strips corresponding to the focal laws implemented

Comparing to the conventional modality implementation of SRUT GW inspection (CB-Scan) based on the use of special single or dual element probes the PA modality carries the extended applicability. The typical example is inspection of the annular ring plates in the above ground storage tanks through scanning above the outer chime: it may occur that the outer chime is very narrow for the use of single or dual element SRUT GW probes - if this is a case then the conventional modality is not applicable; the PA modality remains the only applicable solution thanks to the:
  • smaller footprint of the wedged linear array PA probe
  • the ability of controlling the signal entry area electronically
The movies below illustrate the principles and variability of mapping and strip chart recording for Short Range Guided Wave Inspection (SRUT GW) of the plate and tube (circumferential coverage) - PA Modality with use ISONIC 3510 instrument

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The archive comprices some Exemplary Instrument Files for this application

The files should be extracted from the archive and played in the regular PC running under Win'XP, 7, 8, 10 with use of the freely distributable ISONIC PA Office software package